Renovation can refer to two thousand small businesses

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Renovation of apartments in Moscow may affect the interests of the nearly two thousand small businesses in homes included in the list are non-residential premises owned by 1.5 thousand owners 400 rent them from the city, said in an interview with RIA Novosti President of the chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI) of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin.

In the preparation of amendments to the bill on the renovation of the Moscow authorities took into account the interests of owners of non-residential premises — they will be able to select the equivalent room or a refund. In addition, it is noted that instead of the proposed premises should be in the area where was located the demolished house.

Katyrin noted that the renovation programme involves not only the interests of the residents of the city, but also the interests of business, and the CCI monitors the progress of its implementation and tries to track the possible impact on the business.

«As the positive effects of the program include a major investment in the economy, particularly the construction industry, as well as hundreds of thousands of jobs for the citizens of Russia in the construction and related industries,» — said Katyrin on the eve of the St. Petersburg international economic forum which will be held in early June.
The opinion of the business

However, said Katyrin, the experts of the Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry expressed concern that the risk group can get almost 2 thousand entrepreneurs, representatives of small business. According to them, in the houses, included in the list are non-residential premises owned by 1,5 thousands of owners, another 400 rent them from the city.

«Entrepreneurs are mostly concerned about the questions of when and where they need to relocate, and will offset their losses,» — said the head of the chamber of Commerce.

Katyrin noted that despite the city Council recently adopted the law on additional guarantees of the housing and property rights of physical and legal entities for renovation, there are a number of subtleties that require mandatory improvement.

So, according to this law, the owner of residential premises is granted or prior and fair compensation in cash or compensation in the form of equivalent non-residential premises the right of ownership. In addition, as noted Katyrin, they do not provide a save area, no mention of footage of the new premises.

«In other words, in relation to legal persons, the principle of equivalence and not equivalence. In this case, the entrepreneur is uncertain whether the new platform to have suitable conditions for doing business: for example, instead of the convenient location on the first floor of the building at the metro station it can get a space in the yard less accessible to visitors and less visible from the street», — he explained.

«Or he will provide a room in a better area, but not comfortable. In this case, the entrepreneur will have to invest a large amount in the repairs and construction», — said the Agency interlocutor.

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin in an interview with RIA Novosti earlier proposed to extend the timing of a possible privatisation of non-residential premises and transfer them to a new area when implementing the programme of renovation. According to the mayor, amendments to the law and municipal law are provisions on the equivalence of areas.

Moscow authorities on may 2 published a list of from 4566 houses, which will vote on their inclusion in a program of renovation of housing. The list includes homes located in 85 parts of «old» Moscow and six settlements in the annexed territories.

Renovation can refer to two thousand small businesses© RIA Novosti, the Moscow five-story building Infographical