Scientists: asteroid threats will help to prevent space system

Model of asteroid to EarthScientists: asteroid threats will help to prevent space system

Currently available to astronomers, the equipment does not allow to promptly detect cosmic bodies, like the Chelyabinsk meteorite, and to prevent any negative consequences from their collision with the Earth. These findings are contained in the report prepared by experts of the all-Russian research Institute on problems of civil defense and emergency situations of EMERCOM of Russia, Institute of astronomy and Institute of Geosphere dynamics RAS. In order to minimize possible damage, system detection and warning of space threats should be in space, scientists say.

Periodically, astronomers tell us that the Earth is approaching another celestial body – an asteroid, a comet. Only astronomers know about 15 thousand space bodies that approach the Earth and only every ninth can bear a potential threat. What is the trajectory in the foreseeable future is certain. They all counted, marked and placed in the special account. Modern equipment, which is used for space-based observations, allows us not to release potentially dangerous objects out of sight. However, the smaller the object, the harder it is to detect it and to keep in sight. For example, the 2017 BQ6 asteroid that flew past Earth on 7 February this year at a distance of 2.5 million kilometers (more than 6.5 distances from the earth to the moon), was discovered by astronomers just a week and a half before the flight.At small distances the observation of the meteorite prevents too high a speed and too small a residence time in the atmosphere. Visual observation of the Chelyabinsk object in space was impossible because of the celestial body approached the Earth from the Sun at a very small angle of 15°.

Yes, in addition to the optical telescopes, there are radio controls near space. But in the case of the Chelyabinsk meteorite have also been found ineffective. As the scientists explain, the range of the most powerful surveillance systems does not exceed 20 thousand kilometers. The distance the meteorite is less than 20 minutes, and this is too little to respond. To observe an object also prevents and its high speed does not allow to capture the movement of the cosmic body.Thus, the space researchers conclude that to date prevent the collision of the Earth from space «aliens» like the Chelyabinsk meteorite is almost impossible. Therefore, the emphasis should be on reducing damage, be able to provide early warning of a possible collision in a few hours. Scientists emphasize that the cosmic bodies coming from the daytime sky, it is impossible to detect using no ground facilities, so the development of space instruments detect cosmic bodies and its collision with the Earth today is justified.