Sudan banned the import of agricultural products from Egypt

© AFP 2017 / Ebrahim HamidВид Khartoum, Sudan. Archival photoSudan banned the import of agricultural products from Egypt© 2017 AFP / Ebrahim Hamid

The Prime Minister of Sudan Bakri Hassan Saleh approved a ban on the import of agricultural products from Egypt, including products from third countries imported from Egyptian territory, reported the official Sudanese Agency Suna.

«The private sector needs to import products directly from producers, avoiding transit through the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt», — stated in the message.

As the reasons for the decision of the Sudan calls the inconsistency of the Egyptian products in the country established standards, as well as its danger to health.

It is noteworthy that earlier, Egypt was the largest trade partner of neighboring Sudan, which imported considerable amounts of food.

However, in recent months relations between the two Arab countries have deteriorated just because of a few controversial issues. So Cairo and Khartoum have often traded accusations of harbouring his political opponents. In Egypt, the Sudanese government criticised for asylum to a number of activists of the Association «Muslim brotherhood», as well as for the support project to the Ethiopian authorities on the construction of high-rise HPP, the appearance of which, in the opinion of Cairo, will significantly reduce the level of the Nile water and cause a drought.

Last week, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has accused Egypt of supporting the Sudanese rebels in Darfur. According to him, the Sudanese army confiscated factions of the Darfur rebels armored vehicles produced in Egypt. The Egyptian foreign Ministry released a statement which rejected the allegations.

In the Darfur region in Western Sudan since 2003, from time to time there is an armed confrontation between government forces and the rebel separatist groups. In 2007, the UN security Council approved the dispatch to the region the military and police joint mission of the UN and the African Union (AU).

The main disagreement between the two countries remain, the controversy surrounding Halbschuhe triangle area, desert area of 20.5 thousand square kilometers on the border of Egypt and Sudan. Administratively the district belongs to the Egyptian Governor of the red Sea. In Khartoum believe the area part of its territory.