The court refused to arrest of Ismailova apartments on Kutuzovsky prospect

© Fotolia / Sebastian DudaВ the courtroom. Archival photoThe court refused to arrest of Ismailova apartments on Kutuzovsky prospect© Fotolia / Sebastian Duda

The arbitration court of Moscow region refused to seize the five-and six-room apartment on Kutuzovsky Prospekt former owner of the Cherkizovsky market, the founder of AST group of businessman Telman Ismailov, and published court rulings.

To arrest the property with a total area of 292 square meters as security measures in the bankruptcy case of Ismailov asked its financial Manager Valery Cubelo. The court rejected the petition as unfounded. According to the court, Cubelo not presented adequate evidence to show that the failure to take interim measures may complicate or make impossible execution of the judicial certificate or to cause significant harm to the applicant.

«In addition, the court notes that the grant of the application on the adoption of interim measures in the form of seizure of property… implies the satisfaction of the court statement on the recognition of the transaction for the donation of said property to be invalid, it is not permissible,» reads the court’s decisions. Whom and when was given apartments in the court records is not specified.

The Moscow arbitration in March Ismailov recognized bankrupt and has opened the procedure for the realization of his property. Court approved the financial Trustee of the debtor Cabaluna. The first bankruptcy Ismailov — debt restructuring — the court in August 2016 entered on application BM-Bank, part of VTB group.

The court in March rejected a proposal by the debtor to the debt restructuring plan. The former financial Manager Ismailov Alexey Grodzin reported that the draft plan contains inaccurate information, and that the debtor has no objective way to make repayment of the debts within the statutory three-year term. As follows from the materials of the case to her was filed demands in the amount of 150 billion rubles.

Businessman Ismailov, supervising a group of companies AST and was a rating of the richest businessmen of Russia in 2009, faced with massive claims from law enforcement agencies to the activities of its main asset — the Cherkizovsky market, the largest in the capital, the centre of wholesale trade. The market was closed after the health authorities found numerous violations.


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