The Jews at shavu’ot suggested a way to avoid bullying on the Internet

© 2017 AFP / Jaafar AshtiyehИудеи pray to the top of mount Gerizim during the holiday of ShavuotThe Jews at shavu’ot suggested a way to avoid bullying on the Internet© 2017 AFP / Jaafar Ashtiyeh

The meaning of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot — the day of the giving of the Torah — tells believers that hatred can be stopped only by learning to be more tolerant of people, said the head of the Council of European rabbis, chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt.

«Today, unfortunately, we are surrounded by hatred. It takes different forms, from insults on the Internet to horrific accidents resulting in deaths. To stop the hate, each of us must remember the covenants and commandments given to us to learn to be tolerant and tolerant people. Just start with yourself by keeping the commandments and «Golden rule of life», passing them to others, we will be on the path of Tikkun Olam (improving the world — ed.) and God will reward us for righteous deeds», — quotes the words of Rabbi Goldschmidt’s press service.

The rhythm of modern life, according to him, forced every day to accept a huge amount of information, so often people delve into it very superficially. The holiday of Shavuot, as noted by the Rabbi, reminds us that Torah study cannot be superficial, and every one of the believers «should try to understand its depth more fully».

«The sage Hillel brilliantly articulated the meaning of the Torah, saying: «do Not do to others what is hateful to yourself. This is the whole Torah, the rest is commentary. Now go and study everything.» This «Golden rule of life» is the basis not only of religions but of all civilized society. This is the basis of development of society, our personal relationships with people, our relationship to life,» said Rabbi Goldschmidt.
The Holiday Of Shavuot

In Hebrew the word «Shavuot» means «weeks» — according to legend, after seven weeks from the second day of Passover, Moses received on mount Sinai the tablets of the Covenant with the ten commandments and the oral commandments, some of which he recorded himself (get a scroll of the Pentateuch — the Written Torah) and a part of the Oral Torah (the Talmud and many other books under the General name of Midrash) were recorded only after 1500 years, after the destruction of the Second Temple.

Shavuot was celebrated at the beginning of the season of wheat harvest. In antiquity in this day in Temple did the second offering of the wheat of the new harvest. The other victim were the best of the first fruits.

In our days to Shavuot in synagogues take out the Torah scroll and read the story about how it was given, the text of the ten commandments and the fragment depicting the laws of the celebration of Shavuot in the Temple. There is also a tradition on new year’s eve all night to read Torah.

This festival symbolizes the joining a true Testament not only Jews, but representatives of other peoples.