The Ministry of culture may set a fee for rental of foreign films

© Fotolia / StockPhotoProЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoThe Ministry of culture may set a fee for rental of foreign films© Fotolia / StockPhotoPro

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky at a meeting with the producers suggested to set the fee for rental of foreign films in five million rubles, while a certain amount of box office to collect from them a certain percentage.

«Entry (into the market) leave five million, enter a string that when training camp more than (some amount) is paid a percentage of turnover. It is established by the proposal of the government, let’s see how this will work,» said Medina.

The Minister stressed that while the film Fund will set up a special Commission that will decide which foreign films are exempt from the fee depending on their artistic significance. Russian films the payment of the contribution are also not affected.

The question by which amount of cash fees to collect interest payments, will be decided after discussions with industry representatives, then the bill will be introduced in the state Duma. According to the Minister, it would be possible to introduce charges, starting with a total box office of 200 million rubles.