The theme of Syria will be the main on the meeting of Putin and the Saudis, experts say

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in photobanks of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Deputy crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad Ibn Salman al Saud. 30 may 2017The theme of Syria will be the main on the meeting of Putin and the Saudis, experts say© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

One of the main themes of negotiations of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Deputy crown Prince of Saudi Arabia defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman al Saud, began in Moscow, the situation in Syria, Russian experts believe.

Saudi Arabia will offer Russia lucrative deals in exchange for steps best politically this country. Such contracts «should be treated very carefully,» advised the Russian experts on the Middle East.

According to the Arab media, during the visit of the al Saud in Russia are expected to sign four memorandums of cooperation.

We need a compromise on Syria

«Syria is the main issue (of the talks), because Russia is doing in settling a bet on the triangle «Moscow-Tehran-Ankara». As you know, in Syria, the Saudis, and each of these three parties support different groupings. Therefore, to settlement in Syria has become a reality, we must try to go on mutual compromises and to develop a joint, satisfies all the solutions,» — said the head of the Center for Middle East RISS Vladimir Phytin.

He recalled that the Saudis, and their U.S. allies «a cool attitude to areas of de-escalation, created in Syria with the participation of Russia, Turkey and Iran.»

«So now the main task – to try to get the Saudis to cooperate and to find some interchanges,» — said Phytin.

According to him, the Saudis continue to play an important role in the Syrian crisis – support with money and weapons the various factions, hostile to Syria, Fund the training of fighters.

«The Saudis, like the US, their main objective was the overthrow (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad, the establishment of the new government. But since it did not work, now they will do everything possible to (associated with Saudi Arabia) forces have been most influential in certain areas (Syria). If there is a fragmentation of Syria, the Saudis will try to gain influence in a certain part of it to be controlled by those whom they support,» said Phytin.

It’s possible, the expert believes that the talks between Putin and al Saud will be referred to the crisis in another middle Eastern country – Yemen. «The question, of course, we also will be posed to Saudi Arabia to stop the bombing (Yemen), in which suffers, primarily, the civilian population,» predicts orientalist.

Money as a carrot

Senior researcher at the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov recalled that Riyadh has repeatedly tried to use their financial and economic capabilities as a tool of pressure on Moscow, including in settlement of Syrian and other conflicts.

«This is beneficial in economic terms, the proposal should be accompanied by concessions or a change in the political position of Russia, which would benefit Saudi Arabia. It is the policy of Saudi Arabia, and she is known for. It applies not only to Russia, it is performed in relation to other countries, such as Egypt,» said Debts.

«With Russia Saudi Arabia will offer the same policy to offer the best deal in exchange for some steps, the best politically for Saudi Arabia. If you consider that Riyadh on the Syrian crisis, just the opposite than that of Russia, its strategy can give some steps in economic terms, but in terms of the policy still raises some concerns,» said Debts.

In light of this, warned the expert, all contracts which may be concluded with Saudi Arabia, «we need to consider very carefully».

«Here you need to very carefully consider all contracts which may be concluded. But I repeat that the policy of Saudi Arabia with its financial and economic «carrot» or «carrot» to try to get some political gains and to spread its influence – is also included in the plans of Saudi Arabia will continue,» — said Dolgov.