«The water broke»: the flood in the Stavropol region eyes affected

© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovici in potencial settlement Levokumka in Stavropol Krai in the yard, affected by the high water«The water broke»: the flood in the Stavropol region eyes affected© RIA Novosti / Denis Abramovica the image Bank

In the Stavropol region began the evacuation of residents of seven villages. The reason is the threat of overflow Otkaznenskogo reservoir due to flood. Flooding in the region called the strongest over the past half century. RIA Novosti has collected photos and videos of the struggle of Stavropol with the element of social networks.

«To say scared — to say anything»

The evacuation began early in the morning from the village Abandoned Soviet area. Then the plan is to save people from Zelenokumsk, sat starodubskoye, Nina, Arkhangelsk, Orlovka, Deceased. These settlements under the threat of a breakthrough dams: flow of water due to heavy rains in Otkaznenskoe reservoir six times higher than average. And the flow of water does not fall, said the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov.

All high risk out more than 40 thousand people. Temporary accommodation is already ready to enter their territory will be possible only on the passport, accompanied by representatives of MES and law enforcement. All evacuated will remain under the custody of the police.
Meanwhile, in the region remain flooded more than a thousand dwellings. We know about the victims — their Saturday became a man and a woman from Mineral Waters, have informed in SK Russia across the region.


Publication of Mineral Water (@min.water) 28 May 2017 10:54 PDT


According to the MOE, the affected listed 5531 people, 954 of the child. Only 15 towns flooded 2715 adjacent territories, where he lives 8401.

One of the most difficult situations remains the flooding of the village of Sochi. The water level in places exceeds half a meter. In the village the volunteers arrive with humanitarian aid. The user nbragina wrote: «to Say that it is scary is an understatement. Houses stand on the roof in the water, the streets flooded, people are in shock. Warm clothes, blankets and baby supplies (diapers, food, diapers)».


Publication of ? Anastasiya (@nbragina_) May 26 2017 10:11 PDT


«The water is gone, I broke everything, destroyed everything and left a lot of problems. Patience to all residents Levokumsky. Very sorry for your cozy little poselochek» — write users.


Publication of © emergency Kavminvody ? (@chp_kmv) May 26 2017 at 2:53 PDT


In the flooded houses remain animals, premises inspect arrived with rescuers and veterinarians.


Publication of ? Natali (@dobraia_) May 27th 2017 at 8:10 PDT


Locals come back for Pets. «Timon were until recently in the pool, then the water began to arrive even more. And we were evacuated. Didn’t want to leave, we force out was,» — said about the rescue dogs from Levokumsky user any_propp.


Publication from Anna (@any_propp) May 27th 2017 at 4:28 PDT


Flood, landslides and hail

Some local residents threatened by the flood, refused to leave home because of domestic cattle, according to users.

However, we can’t stay here: the prolonged heavy rains have already caused landslides on the territory of suburban partnership «Berry» in the North-Western area of Stavropol and destroyed two houses. The resident families were accommodated in a hotel room. Later, because of the possible threat evacuates three families, including three children.

Meanwhile, heavy rains continue. At risk of flooding and the centre of Pyatigorsk — this is footage from the TRC «Gallery».


Publication from Pyatigorsk, KMV, Stavropol. (@in_pyatigorsk) May 28 2017 at 6:28 PDT


Due to rain in the city paralyzed traffic. So, in the comments to this frames the eyewitness reports that got up the tram.

Publication of My Pyatigorsk (@moy.pyatigorsk) 28 May 2017 10:26 PDT


The storm continues to rage: on the eve of St George’s district hail.

To works on liquidation of consequences of the flood brought the airmobile group of the Main departments of EMERCOM of Russia in Kalmykia and North Ossetia — Alania, Chechen Republic, Stavropol and Krasnodar edges, the Rostov region, the don rescue center of EMERCOM of Russia, rescue southern and North-Caucasus regional search-and-rescue units of the Ministry. «Just the aftermath of the disaster involved more than 3,300 and 560 units of equipment,» — said in the MOE.