Trying to explain: he wants to discuss with Putin, the expulsion of diplomats

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The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, on Tuesday tried to minimize the damage done to relations between Moscow and Chisinau, the Republic’s government decided to expel Russian diplomats. In particular, he said that he hoped to discuss the situation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF).

The decision to declare five employees of the Russian diplomatic mission persona non grata was made, according to the Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip, based on intelligence information. The Dodon with the actions of the Cabinet of Moldova does not agree. According to him, the actions of the Director of Service of information and security and the Minister of foreign Affairs and European integration, who signed the decree had jeopardized the security of the country. «It is logical that they resigned,» — said the President. He also said that he hoped the withdrawal of the head of the government. Philip, who unlike the President are in favor of integration with the EU and the West in General, stressed that Moldova «values relations with Russia.»

A kind of «dual power» was established in Moldova in 2016. In the fall the candidate of the Party of socialists Igor Dodon, who during the election campaign declared that he intended to restore the strategic partnership with Russia, the return of Moldovan products to the Russian market and improve cooperation in energy, took the highest office. After taking office, he has already met three times with the Russian leader. At the same time, Cabinet of Moldova is a Pro-European stance. Thus, the government and the President often act with opposite statements.

So, earlier, representatives of the Cabinet and of the Parliament of Moldova at a meeting with Russian Ambassador handed a note, which describes how the officials of the Republic to stop on entry to Russia, «questioned, searched, tolerate humiliation from the representatives of the Russian special services». The Russian Ambassador was informed that «until this problem is not solved, the Moldovan officials will be asked to refrain from traveling to the Russian Federation». He then, also condemned the actions of the Moldovan authorities.

«Discuss not on a hot head»

In Moscow almost immediately after the news of the expulsion of the Russian diplomats said about an adequate response, according to Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin, «a direct provocation of certain forces of Moldavia against the President of Dodona».

The Moldovan leader during the next two days will go to St. Petersburg to discuss this unfortunate situation personally with the President of the Russian Federation.

«With the first person, I hope, will be meeting. We’ll discuss it. But not a hot head,» said Igor Dodon. He expressed confidence that the government of the Republic saw the dynamics in the relations between the two countries, which managed to achieve over the past six months, and provoke this step response. «Let’s not succumb to these provocations,» urged the leader.

In the Kremlin, in turn, replied laconically that «waiting» of the President of Moldova in the Northern capital.

The answer will be a mirror?

In accordance with established diplomatic practice, Russia should respond to the actions of Moldova the mirror, that is to send exactly the same number of Moldovan diplomatic staff from Russia. However, there are exceptions to the rule. So, in December 2016 Moscow did not expel employees of the US diplomatic mission in response to the announcement of persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats in Washington.

However, in this case, the reason not to make «adequate response» no, Deputy Director of the CIS Institute Vladimir Zharikhin. According to him, is that Russia has better relations with President of Moldova, but not with the government of the Republic, which has real power in the country.

A similar view is shared by political analyst Sergei Mikheyev. «The President Dodon nothing to do with. Not send (diplomats) in the form of a compliment to him would be pointless, because, in fact, the expulsion of diplomats – this is just a demonstrative action, it made a government which is in opposition to the President… to Make a gift is meant to underscore the impotence of Dodona. So I think that the reaction is likely to be mirrored», — says Mikheev.