Two airfields in Kazakhstan received a Russian radio equipment

© RIA Novosti / Max Petropalace fotobanka in the mission control Center. Archival photoTwo airfields in Kazakhstan received a Russian radio equipment© RIA Novosti / Max Petropalace the image Bank

Two airfields in Kazakhstan equipped with the Russian azimuth and distance systems, told reporters on Tuesday the press service of the holding «Ruselectronics».

«The United Ruselectronics holding has successfully executed an export contract for the supply of radio equipment. Navigation and landing vehicles are equipped with two airfields in the Republic of Kazakhstan», — stated in the message.

According to Deputy General Director of «Roselektronika» Arseny Brykin, in the coming years, Russian components, including promising, might be of interest to other foreign customers.

«Navigation and landing manufactured by our Chelyabinsk radio factory «Flight», have proven to be successful both on the ground in Russia and abroad. In the coming years we expect a significant increase in orders from foreign partners for our electronic systems, including those at the stage of completion of the development,» said Brykin.

Set azimuth and distance systems are used to specify the location of aircraft and helicopters, helping them to enter the gate regardless of time of day and weather conditions.