19 villages in the Altai restored electricity after a hurricane

© Flickr / C. P. StormЛиния power. Archival photo19 villages in the Altai restored electricity after a hurricane© Flickr / C. P. Storm

Rescuers Altai region eliminate consequences of the hurricane in a region where from-for a strong wind without light remained residents of 19 towns, reports GUMCHS the region.

According to authorities, a serious deterioration in the weather began Tuesday afternoon. The wind speed reached 34 m / sec.

«As a result of rampant disaster in the Altai territory was short-lived blackouts in 19 towns. On the restoration had about 300 people», — stated in the message.

As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of the mayoralty of Barnaul from-for a strong wind on tram ways of a fallen tree, causing the train was blocked for five hours.

According to official data of the city hall, in Barnaul from-for bad weather damaged about 15 cars. In social networks reported about the affected people, but officially this information is not yet confirmed.