Assistant Putin commented on the situation with Yandex in Ukraine

© AFP 2017 / Vasily MaximovВид on Khreschatyk street in Kiev, Ukraine. Archival photoAssistant Putin commented on the situation with Yandex in Ukraine© 2017 AFP / Vasily Maximov

The authorities of Ukraine, which he accused of «Yandex» in the transmission data of Ukrainians to Russian security services, just needed a reason to squeeze Russian companies of the Ukrainian Internet environment, but to find evidence for these statements will be more difficult, said the Russian presidential aide Igor Shchegolev

On Monday, the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has raided the company’s offices in Odessa and Kiev in the framework of the criminal case under article «treason». According to their results became known, the service suspects the company «Yandex. Ukraine» illegal collection and transfer to Russia of personal data of citizens of Ukraine.

According to the Agency, the information was transferred to the special services of the Russian Federation, allegedly «for the planning, organization and conduct of reconnaissance, sabotage, information-subversive operations to the detriment of the sovereignty of Ukraine.»

«All good»

«There are two aspects. The first active campaign of the authorities of Ukraine to oust Russian companies from the media environment of the Ukrainian Internet environment. And then «all good» — said Shchegolev in an interview with TV channel «Russia 24».

«As we have seen, the decision to ban a number of Russian resources caused a serious dissatisfaction among users in Ukraine. Therefore, probably owed him an explanation, and here the only question for the experts — are study to come up with», he continued.

«I think the evidence is going to be harder. «Yandex» — the company, which was created by Russian specialists and is globally recognised as a Russian, but a company that traded on the stock exchange, which has a Board of Directors, which has lots of resources and specialists out of Russia, which cherishes its reputation,» — said Shchegolev.

«Therefore strikes me as unlikely is the scenario that proposed by the security Service of Ukraine», — said the assistant to the President, admitting that «Yandex» can go to court to protect their interests.

«The campaign, which is aimed against the Russian resources in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, is not approved in those countries that in recent years, more inclined to support Ukraine, because it is a very active approach to what is called freedom of speech,» — said Shchegolev.

«Of course, if Yandex will seek judicial protection, sympathy and public opinion, and the experts who will be considered will be on the side of our company,» he concluded, noting that the data collected by the company on the Internet, can be used without their knowledge — and this is the second aspect of the case.

«They can use in the mercenary purposes by criminals and just those companies that at the moment I think this is possible, because this issue is just not regulated. But it may to some extent violate the rights of citizens — the right to inviolability of private life» — gave an example of assistant to the President.