Biochar can improve soil fertility, say scientists

© Fotolia / iamtheking33Biochar can improve soil fertility, say scientists© Fotolia / iamtheking33

To solve the problem of waterlogged soils of Primorye, and increase their fertility by use of biochar — so the researchers from the School of natural Sciences far Eastern Federal University. The research is conducted in the framework of the international laboratory of Far Eastern Climate Smart lab.Biochar is a porous substance, which is produced by burning organic waste in oxygen-free conditions. Its application as fertilizer began to speak recently. Conducted by numerous scientific teams study indicate that biochar can significantly change the characteristics of a fertile layer of earth. So, when applied to sandy soil, biochar retains water, and in a clay soil, on the contrary, accelerates the speed of its passage through the reservoir.

An experiment to study the effect of biochar on the soil and the roots of the plants will be the next three years. During this time, the researchers plan to observe the changes of plant biomass and the quality of the fruit, depending on the quantity of biochar used. In the experiment, the scientists will also observe the effect of fertilizer application on the circulation of gases in the soil and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.
«We are interested in how biochar application will be effective, and will decrease if the carbon emissions with this technology. Research has already begun: recently, we visited the experimental site and took soil samples for further analyses. Sustainable results over three years will allow to estimate efficiency technologies,» said Victoria, Cemal.