Decisions ahead: Putin to consider the proposals for strategy of development of Russia

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin holds a meeting on economic issues. 30 may 2017Decisions ahead: Putin to consider the proposals for strategy of development of Russia© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to study submitted to it on Tuesday at a meeting on economic issues the proposals of the expert groups — «Center for strategic research» (CSR) and «Stolypin club» — the development strategy for the country, told the participants of the event. According to them, no decision has yet been made, but meetings in certain areas will be held in June-July.

Their achievements to the head of state was presented by the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation center for strategic research, the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin and business-the Ombudsman, the Chairman of the Presidium of «Stolypin club» Boris Titov. They also talked to the press following the meeting.

According to both, work on the strategy of Russia’s development will continue, including with the participation of expert groups.

Decisions still ahead

Putin on the results of his December address to the Parliament instructed the Cabinet of Ministers until 30 may 2017 to prepare and approve a comprehensive government action plan for the 2017-2025 years, providing measures for the Russian economy to growth rates above the world not later than the 2019-2020 years.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in mid-may reported to the President about the prepared plan containing the General approaches to the development of economy and social sphere of the country. Putin then said that the government’s document should be the basis, but indicated that it is necessary to discuss the proposals of the expert groups. It was just about CSR and «Stolypin club».

Opening the meeting on Tuesday, the President said that remains to be solved whether in the end approved as a whole presents one of the three strategies, or the end result is a compilation of placed initiatives.

The President, according to Kudrin, in the next two months will hold a series of meetings on specific areas of the strategy. But to go into detail the head of the Foundation Council of TSSR did not, saying only that one of these meetings will be devoted to the issues of fiscal burden on business.

«He (Putin — ed.) promised that he carefully it (the draft strategy for the CSR — ed.) will consider and continue to work with us, to discuss individual questions. He planned on the basis of today’s meeting, several meetings on specific issues he has… It will be several meetings in June-July,» — said Kudrin.

«Today was not made final assessments of the proposals (was — ed) the Purpose of this meeting was to hear the concept, in General, key priorities, key factors of economic growth. We discussed the main obstacles of economic growth and how to overcome them», — he added.

A number of decisions in preparation of the development strategy of the Russian Federation can be announced before the presidential election in 2018, some — to enter into a strategic document after the elections, according to Kudrin.

Fundamental fork

He briefly outlined the main parameters of prepared CSR strategy, noting that the document includes a proposal to raise the retirement age, however, the issue at the meeting on Tuesday was not discussed.

In turn, Titov believes that to raise the retirement age in Russia before because of the obvious benefits to the budget of the country and insufficient level of citizens ‘ lives.

This is not the only contradiction between the two strategies. The main area of disagreement — by the Bank of Russia policy by Kudrin generally supported, but Titov is against «the fetish of low inflation in the absence of economic growth» and invites the regulator to target not only the price increase, but the growth of the economy. From the same region — the expansion of the money supply, in other words — the start of a certain analogue of the Western «quantitative easing program», what are «stolypins» and what is considered unacceptable in CSR, stating that in the Russian reality it will only hasten inflation.

However, preparing the strategy will involve not only socio-economic development.

«We were asked (the President — ed.) to focus our attention on judicial reform, on the institutional reforms that we did and offered,» — said Titov.

«This is a complex task that needs to be addressed today. This is not some sort of individual little decisions, and it basically needs to be a systemic approach to the development of the judicial system of the country. He (Putin) has offered on this subject to draw attention», — said business Ombudsman.