Estonia expelled Russian diplomats leave the Republic

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Stepanovica in photosangelina the Russian Consulate in Narva, EstoniaEstonia expelled Russian diplomats leave the Republic© RIA Novosti / Sergey Stepanovica the image Bank

Consul in Narva, Andrew Sergeev left Estonia on Tuesday, Consul General Dmitry Kazennov will leave on Wednesday, reported RIA Novosti press-attache of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn Denis Masyukov.

Earlier the Estonian foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti that Cazenove and Sergeevu ordered to leave the country. The reasons for this decision were not disclosed. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has called the expulsion of diplomats the next unfriendly and no reasonable act which will not remain unanswered.

As reported by Russian Ambassador to Estonia Aleksandr Petrov, both the diplomatic personnel of the foreign Ministry, «that during his work in Narva have done a lot to improve bilateral relations.»


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