Graduates of Russian schools will write the exam in mathematics basic level

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More than 560 thousand graduates of Russian schools will write to the environment of a Single state exam in mathematics basic level, the press service of Rosobrnadzor.

According to the schedule of the unified state examination in 2017, may 31 in the main period of the exam is the exam in mathematics basic level. According to Rosobrnadzor, the application for participation in the exam on basic math in the main, the company filed approximately 561 thousand participants. For the exam will involve more than 5 thousand points of the exam.

The math exam is divided into basic and specialized levels in 2015, in accordance with the concept of development of mathematical education in Russia and at the suggestion of the Association of teachers of mathematics. Exam paper math the basic level includes 20 tasks for its implementation are allocated 3 hours. Exam profile level consists of two parts, includes 19 tasks. Profile the exam lasts 3 hours and 55 minutes.

If you pass the exam the basic level allows you to obtain the certificate of graduation, and to apply to those universities where mathematics is missing from the list of entrance examinations. Profile the exam necessary to pass for admission to universities in programs where mathematics is one of the entrance exams. The exam in mathematics basic level is assessed on a five-point scale for passing the exam is sufficient to gain three points.

As reported in the press service of Rosobrnadzor, your results exam participants will learn in later than 14 June 2017.

Since 2009, EGE in Russia is simultaneously a final exam in school and entrance examination to University and is held in 14 General educational subjects. Required to obtain a certificate of graduation are the exam in Russian language and mathematics. Every year unified state examination hand over about 750 thousand graduates.

The early period of the exam 2017 took place from 23 March to 14 April. Early exams; about 26.5 thousand participants, which is 10 thousand more than last year, reported earlier the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov.