In Buryatia per day doubled the area of the fire

© RIA Novosti / Anna Ogorodnikova in fotobanka in Buryatia. Archival photoIn Buryatia per day doubled the area of the fire© RIA Novosti / Anna Ogorodnikova the image Bank

The area of forest fires in Buryatia per day has increased from less than 10 to 20 hectares in three districts announced the fifth class of fire danger, according to Republican Agency of a forestry.

A day in the Republic was liquidated five fires on the area of 25 hectares. Earlier it was reported that in the Republic of Tuesday morning burned a little less than 10 hectares of forest.

«As of morning on may 31 in Buryatia was 2 hearth fires on a total area of about 20 hectares. A lesion localized in the North-Baikal district, the second focus operates in Yeravninsky Raion. The majority of active and liquidated fires arise because of careless handling of fire by locals. … In bichurskiy, Kyakhta, Selenga areas valid fifth class of fire danger», — stated in the message.

To extinguish employs more than 130 people and 29 units of equipment. Monitoring of the situation is 12 aircraft and space-based monitoring IDSM-FFA.