In China reacted to the test the US ground-based missile defense system

© Fotolia / Savvapanf PhotoВид in Beijing. Archival photoIn China reacted to the test the US ground-based missile defense system© Fotolia / Photo Savvapanf

China hopes that the missile defense system «concerned countries» will not have a negative impact on international security and stability, said Wednesday the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, commenting on the successful test of the U.S. missile created to intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

«Our position on missile defense is very clear. We hope that the countries concerned in this matter will avoid negative impact on international and regional stability and security,» — said at the briefing, Hua Chunying.

As previously reported by the missile defense Agency of the United States, tested the so-called ground-based missile defense system to cruising flight (Ground-based Midcourse Defense, GMD), located in California, which was struck by a missile target, launched from the region of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific ocean. It is specified that the target was struck as a result of «direct confrontation».

The tests were carried out in the context of a series of missile tests undertaken earlier this year the DPRK. USA in response to increasing military presence in the region, there are deploying a missile defense system in South Korea and increase protection of the main part of the country.

According to open sources, the complex missile defense GMD commissioned in 2005. It is designed to intercept Intercontinental ballistic missiles and their warheads in outer space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. At the present time to protect the continental United States deployed 30 interceptors in Alaska and California, deployment, another 15 missiles is scheduled for completion in 2017.