In France detained five people in connection with the desecration of the grave of de Gaulle

© AP Photo / Jean-Jacques LevyПрезидент of France Charles de Gaulle. Archival photoIn France detained five people in connection with the desecration of the grave of de Gaulle© AP Photo / Jean Jacques Levy

Militiamen have detained five people as part of an investigation of the incident of desecration of the graves of the founder of the Fifth Republic, former President of France Charles de Gaulle, the newspaper Parisien.

Earlier it was reported that two unidentified men, taken on Saturday at a cemetery in the village of Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises in the Haute-Marne Department, pushed the stone cross fixed on the grave of de Gaulle, breaking it. Investigating the incident involved the local gendarmerie.

Detention was held on Tuesday evening in Chaumont in the North-East of the country. According to sources close to the investigation, among the detainees, «in all probability», are the alleged attackers — a man and a woman.

In the communique of administration of the current President Emmanuel Macron said that restoration work on the desecrated grave will hold in the shortest possible time.

Legendary French General and statesman Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970) during the Second world war became the leader of the Resistance movement. In August 1944 he took the post of Chairman of the Council of Ministers of France, and was subsequently elected President of the country, ushering in the era of the Fifth Republic. In the spring of 1969 he resigned. General de Gaulle died in November 1970.

Tombe du général de Gaulle dégradée: deux suspects ont été interpellés

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