In Transbaikalia, the area of fires per day increased by 1.2 thousand hectares

© RIA Novosti / Igor Alienability in fotobanken fire. Archival photoIn Transbaikalia, the area of fires per day increased by 1.2 thousand hectares© RIA Novosti / Igor Ajankohtaista the image Bank

The area of forest fires in the Transbaikal region for a day has increased from 2.7 to 3.9 thousand hectares, according to the regional Ministry of natural resources.

For the past day was extinguished eight wildfires on an area of 336,52 hectares. Earlier it was reported that on the morning of Tuesday in the region burned 2.7 thousand hectares of forest. The Ministry reported that the main reason of fires – the human factor and dry thunderstorms. The growth area is associated with an increase in temperature and strong winds. Threats to human settlements there.

«As of 08.00 on 31 may on the territory of the forest Fund in Zabaykalsky Krai there are 11 forest fires in Akshinskoe, Krasnochikoyskoe, Kyrinskiy, Nerchinsk, Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky, Uletovsky, Hiloksky and Chita areas near settlements Aksha, Yadrikhino, Bukukun, Reliable, zyul’zikan, Peshkovo, Moscow, Hohoto, Alataisky Boron, Khushenga, Olenguy on a total area of 2795 acres. In addition, 3 of forest fire in Karymskoye, Krasnochikoyskoe and Hiloksky areas near settlements kalanga, Yadrikhino, Zhipkhegen localized on the total area of 23 hectares. Also on the lands of the defense Ministry. the defense Ministry acts 1 forest fire in Uletovsky area near the settlement Mountain in the area of 40 hectares 2 forest fire near the Mountain in the square 1030 hectares localized», — stated in the message.

In extinguishing involved 530 people and 84 vehicles. Monitoring from the air of aircraft engaged in five.