Keanu Reeves charmed fans in St. Petersburg

© Photo : Company Films LLC Keanu Reeves. Archive photoKeanu Reeves charmed fans in St. Petersburg© Photo : Company Films LLC

Users of social networks who reported on the arrival in St. Petersburg Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, fascinated by his behavior and his openness – he gladly posed for a group selfie and signing autographs.

According to reports in social networks, well-known actor has arrived to Northern capital for the filming of the movie. Saw him on the set at the airport «Pulkovo» in St. Petersburg.

«Just me and Keanu Reeves!)) Keanu Reeves!! Can you imagine?! A relaxed and friendly Keanu easily agreed to be photographed,» — said in the social network «Vkontakte» Valentine Lipchanskaya.

«The same, favorite and incredible! 5 hours of waiting was worth this meeting! The guards did not allow us to approach him, but he led us by the hand and took pictures. I adore this simple and lovely human being,» write the Reeves fans in Instagram.

«To watch Keanu on the set four days was a real joy! And today about five o’clock after a long wait we managed to take a picture with him at the hotel and even get an autograph! Happiness has no limits!!!», — reports in social networks «Vkontakte» user Tatiana Kostareva.

Many fans have noted the friendliness and openness of the actor. «Met a friendly Keanu on the set of the film, When I hear «hi» from Mr. Reeves, is obviously your Monday was successful!» — write fans.

In social networks was also posted numerous photos and videos with the actor.

«Love international to Keanu Reeves collects at the site of the shooting, hundreds of people of different ages. That’s the power of art!», — users write to Instagram and post a video where Reeves goes on the Garden street surrounded by fans.


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«Guys, he flew on the morning flight 5.55, the most persistent waited for him tonight at Pulkovo airport!!! And now we have rain, even the weather was sad,» — said the Wednesday fans in the community in a social network «Vkontakte».