McFaul: Russians laugh at US when trump

© AP Photo / Misha JaparidzeПосол of the USA in Moscow Michael McFaul. Archival photoMcFaul: Russians laugh at US when trump© AP Photo / Misha Japaridze

Moscow is laughing at the United States under the administration of President trump, says the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. He stated this in an interview on MSNBC.

Leading asked the diplomat to comment on «a very unusual approach trump against Russia, especially taking into account how it relates to the NATO allies».

«I think Russians laugh. I think this is correct, but they are laughing at how simple it is. Over time, as our President, unfortunately, helps them with their politics,» said McFaul.

He noted that the results of the first overseas trips trump is disagreement in the ranks of NATO and the «Big seven».

«Let’s be honest: NATO and the G7 is our clubs, we have created them to promote their own interests in the sphere of national security and ensure our prosperity. And this visit — the disorder in both these groups,» he said, adding that this state of Affairs — «a balm for the soul to Putin.»

Perhaps the words of McFaul about the disorder associated with the statement of Angela Merkel at the summit «Big eight». From the point of view of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, a time when Europeans had to rely on someone else, passed.

The media supports the opinion that Merkel is thus clearly questioned the willingness of States to comply with obligations towards their European allies.

Trump on the outcome of his trip to the summits of NATO and the G7 criticized Germany for the lack of funding of the military Alliance, also drawing attention to the presence of the United States «a huge trade deficit with Germany». «It is very bad for the United States. Soon it will change,» he added.