Media: Flynn will present to the Senate the documents under investigation in Russia

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotobanka Flynn. Archival photoMedia: Flynn will present to the Senate the documents under investigation in Russia© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

A former adviser to the U.S. President for national security Michael Flynn will provide some documents to the US Senate Committee on intelligence in the investigation of the alleged intervention of Russia in election 2016, according to the associated Press, citing sources.

As the Agency reports citing a source, Flynn will give the documents that are related to his two companies, as well as some personal documents requested by the Committee at the beginning of this month. According to the source, Flynn plans to submit the documents next week.

Earlier it was reported that the US Senate Committee on intelligence has sent two new agenda Flynn. Former adviser to trump on national security refused to attend the Congress after the first agenda, citing the fifth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows citizens not to testify against himself.

Flynn was again in the spotlight when New York Times reporter leak, citing trump fired the former Director of the FBI James Komi. According to the statement of Komi, trump offered him to «dismiss» the investigation against Flynn. However, Komi dismissal stated under oath to Congress that he has not faced pressure.

Against Flynn under investigation about his work as a lobbyist for the Turkish government. According to media reports, Flynn is also involved in the investigation of «Russian interference in the election» and «relationships trump of Russia» — the presence of such links refute in the White house and the Kremlin.