Media: in the Baltic States called «Masha and Bear» part of the hybrid war

© Animation Studio «Animecon»scene from the cartoon Masha and the Bear. ArchiveMedia: in the Baltic States called «Masha and Bear» part of the hybrid war© Animation Studio «Animecon»

In the Baltic States fear that popular Russian cartoon «Masha and the Bear» is part of the hybrid war, which seems to lead to Moscow. This writes the Helsingin Sanomat.

In each series the good-natured bear to extricate himself from difficult situations, in which it draws a little girl named Masha. «But what if the bear is not a bear, and Russia?» — asks the author.

As told in an interview with the lecturer of the Institute of communication of Tallinn University Priit of Chibememe, in Estonia, the bear symbolizes Russia. The expert is convinced that in the animated series «Masha and the Bear» we are talking about the use of Moscow’s «soft power.»

«It is a struggle for the minds, part of a hybrid exposure in which a negative image of Russia is replaced by the positive. The message to Russia is taken without filters. Russia is a wonderful country, where you live Masha and the Bear,» said Cyberage. According to him, Moscow is trying «to undermine the foundations of Estonian».

«The imposition of the children a positive image of Russia is dangerous to the security of Estonia. If Russia was friendly, everything would be fine,» said the teacher. He added that this cartoon is «propaganda» and «brainwashing».

The creators of the animated series, in turn, called the statement of Cyberage «strange».

«It’s just one of the strange opinions that the Studio would not comment on. We are now busy filming the third season,» — said the press service of the Studio «Animecon».

Estonian Internet project Propastop specializing in informational influence, also said that for countries that were former Soviet Union cartoon «Masha and Bear» has a completely different meaning than in other countries, says the publication.

Russian movie scared not only in Estonia but also in Lithuania. So, the Deputy of the Lithuanian Laurynas Kasciunas last year, called the success of «Masha and Bear» part of «informational influence of Russia».

Studio «Animecon» launched family the animated series «Masha and the Bear» in 2009. Today he is a successful worldwide. The rights to his show bought such companies as Sony Music, Netflix, France TV, Turner, KIKA, NBC Universal, Televisa. One of the episodes of the cartoon has garnered over two billion views on Youtube.

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