Metal nanoparticles will cleanse the mouth from bacteria

© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Planinata an artist’s concept of nanoparticles destroy bacteriaMetal nanoparticles will cleanse the mouth from bacteria© Illustration RIA Novosti . Alina Polyanina

An innovative composition of rinse teeth developed by nust «MISIS» together with specialists from Vyatka state University, significantly changes the composition of the microflora of the oral cavity and destroys up to 83% soft plaque. The effectiveness of the composition has been confirmed in clinical studies at the Department of dentistry of the Kirov state medical University.Rinses and irrigators (devices that use as a means of cleansing the fine stream of fluid under high pressure) today recommended by dentists as the most effective aid in cleaning teeth. They allow you to remove the bacteria that form plaque and food particles from those cavities in between the teeth, where you do not get the bristles of the toothbrush and difficult to use dental floss. Russian scientists from nust «MISIS» in partnership with specialist doctors have developed a shampoo which with regular use inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the cavity, reducing the risk of tooth decay and diseases of tissues. High performance rinse aid scientists have made by entering into its composition, nanoparticles of metals. They, as shown by the experiments, is able in a short time to suppress the growth of bacteria, forming plaque.

«Cell death of the pathogen occurs as a result of chemical destruction of the walls of the various cells and membranes, including membranes of the cell organelles. Chemical destruction occurs as a result of the interaction of metal nanoparticles with biopolymers of the cell of the microbe. The result is lysis (output) the contents of the cells in the environment. Against Staphylococcus aureus and most cocci bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties of the drug sometimes exceed in their severity the action of the antibiotics,» explained co-author the Dean of the dental faculty of the Kirov state medical University, candidate of medical Sciences Svetlana Gromova.

In clinical trial and development at the Department of dentistry of the Kirov state medical University, the volunteers used the rinse for one month. Control measurements were conducted after 14 and 30 days of use. It was found that the bacteria that form plaque, sensitive to various solutions containing nanoparticles of metal oxides. Also confirmed reduction of adhesion of mikrorganizmy to the surface of the teeth and reducing the risk of inflammation. Noted that when used regularly for 30-th day reduced the number of fungal flora, which indicates the normalization of the chemical balance of the oral fluid.

Head of research group associate Professor in the Department of physical chemistry, nust «MISIS» George Frolov, spoke about the scientific findings of the experiments:»Beshennye colloidal solutions of metal oxides are human non-toxic. Being both a source of trace elements, they exhibit long-lasting antibacterial properties against microorganisms of dental plaque. We noted in the study that when using a mouthwash based on metal oxides significantly reduces the amount of soft plaque on the surfaces of teeth, reduces the number of pathogenic organisms until its complete destruction».

Currently the first pilot batches of the drug are created in the laboratory, nust «MISIS», is the patenting of composition and its registration for use as a medicine.