Not to procreate: the difficulties of the first colonizers of Mars

© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Paladinconstantin MarsNot to procreate: the difficulties of the first colonizers of Mars© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polyanina

Colonization of Mars – that’s the idea, owning the best minds of our time. Founded the International Mars society, which has 6 thousand participants from 50 countries around the world. People voluntarily live in the desert, leaving «iron Yurt» only in spacesuits, so simulated the colonization of Mars in the Utah desert. Another Martian the station is located in the Arctic circle, in Haughton crater on Devon island (Canada). Geological and glacial features of this island is similar to Mars, and its daytime temperature is similar to the «Martian summer». Elon Musk delivers a program of colonization of Mars, where the calculations of the capacity of the Martian ship (200 people), is the number of flight (10 thousand), calculated the cost of shipping of a payload per ton (140 thousand dollars).
The question arose squarely: can we now, using only those technologies which humanity has at the moment, to create an Autonomous colony on Mars, where the pioneers would be able to live in appropriate conditions? For clarification, we asked the participants to simulate a flight to Mars that took place at the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS.
: «The colony, which would be completely Autonomous, at present to create very difficult. In the first decades of this colony would be entirely dependent on supplies from Earth. Need to be and food, and spare parts for complex equipment, and building materials. Almost all scientific experiments on the creation of an Autonomous colony on earth, in varying degrees, failed. More or less successful were two experiments. This is the «BIOS-3» – the Soviet experiment of the 70s, which for 6 months was able to survive the crew of three, offsetting about 50% of the food requirements at the expense of own possibilities. The second successful experiment conducted by the Chinese in 2014-m year, it is called «Lunar Palace 1».

Research fellow, Institute of biomedical problems of RAS Alexander Smoleevsky allocates another very important problems that hinder the establishment of an Autonomous colony on Mars: «it is Necessary to provide the colony with all possible specialists. There must be engineers, doctors, technicians, — will need to solve a lot of problems. To foresee what specialists need more and which less is impossible. Especially during a long flight, there may be some losses. Another problem: the compatibility of the colonists, who originally landed on Mars, and those who arrive late.»
About the problem of internal wars, the colonists said and Andrey Bojko, party of the experiment «the Year of the earth starship», held at the Institute of biomedical problems in 1967. It was a cruel experiment in which participants were selected on the basis of incompatibility. Of course, the Soviet people had to prove that they can overcome, what they proved. But, since then, any crew formed on the principle of psychological compatibility, not Vice versa.
Andrei Bozhko, a participant of the experiment «the Year of the earth starship» (USSR, 1967 – 1968.g., 366 days in a confined space) on the future flight to Mars:
«This settlement is very much stand «women’s issue». After all, going with women who are a huge precipitating factor for men. First, women have yet to reach Mars! Perhaps the first colonizers to be exclusively men, and then women will come. Or to prevent flight only to married couples… However, women should understand that they have to give up childbearing, perhaps for life. Several generations of women are forced to become, in fact, men: just work during high ideas. Although, of course, relationship, love – it’s all possible and very necessary. It inspires people to work. Children can, by the way, bring on Mars has grown. But to grow them in a very small quantity of water, бактериологиче6ского dangers of infection, the lack of the right atmosphere would be impossible. How long will it last? Decades, or even centuries. I think the first woman who successfully gave birth on Mars, go down in history, and even religion as «the human eve», which started a new line of «protein bodies» in the Universe.»