Physics from the RCC they will try to hack quantum network in St. Petersburg

© Photo : RQCФизики from the RCC during the process of fattening up schrödinger’s catPhysics from the RCC they will try to hack quantum network in St. Petersburg© Photo : RQC

. The Russian quantum center will hold an unusual demonstration at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, in which physicists and programmers, the RCC will verify the quantum network on the strength and popytatsya to crack it open and quietly steal information, the press service of the RCC.

During this event, which will be held at the St. Petersburg international economic forum at the stand of «Gazprombank», the staff of RCC will demonstrate how the cracking of the conventional communication system, and intercept the video signal transmitted through the conventional optical fiber via a classical communications system.

Then physicists will switch the system secure data transfer in «combat» mode, and will transmit a key, which encrypts the signal at a separate quantum link. They will try to «embedded» in the line, and to obtain information on the transmitted codes, and other scientists will look for traces of their interference in the channel.

Experts of the RCC believe in the failure of such attempts, as their success would interfere with the fundamental laws of quantum physics, does not allow to quietly read the signal and decode it to the transmitted data was hopelessly lost due to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

This phenomenon, in particular, plays an important role in the systems of secure quantum communication – this system completely exclude the possibility of invisible «wiretapping» due to the fact that the laws of quantum mechanics prohibit «cloning» the state of the light particles. In the present system of quantum communication are being actively developed in Europe, in China, in the United States.

The first network of this kind began to appear in Russia about three years ago. The first quantum communication line was launched at the ITMO University in 2014, when scientists associated quantum channel of two buildings of the University, via the existing underground fiber optic cable.

In June 2016, the Russian quantum center announced the launch of the first «urban» lines of communication between the two branches of the Bank, and in September 2016, MSU announced the connection of two points in the cities suburbs. Recently, experts of the Roman Catholic Church announced the creation of the first multi-hop system of quantum communication, each node which operates on the basis of various methods for encryption, and adapted it to work in the format of «quantum blockchain».