Putin promised to the animators additional support from the state

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a meeting with representatives of the leading animation studios. Right — President of the Association of Animation Cinema of Russia Ilya Popov. 31 may 2017Putin promised to the animators additional support from the state© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Problems and prospects of development of animation industry in Russia was discussed during a meeting of President Vladimir Putin with Russian multipliers. The meeting was attended by representatives of the leading animation studios, including «Soyuzmultfilm», «Mill», «Ricky», «Animecon», Wizart and «Kinoatis». Some participants of the meeting with the President came to the Kremlin in bright clothes with images of cartoon characters.

The animators told the President that they expect over the next five years to triple the production and asked the head of state on further investments into the industry. The President promised support, noting that up to 500 million rubles will allocate from its reserve Fund. The President also agreed with the suggestions about alleviating the tax burden.

Russian animation industry in recent years shows positive dynamics of development. According to expert estimates, the annual growth rate of production of animated products is about 12%. In 2013-2016 state support was provided to 260 production of animation projects. Domestic cartoons — the most in demand part of Russian cinema outside of Russia. Over the past six years, about two dozen cartoons, a shot of contemporary Russian filmmakers who have had success abroad. Leaders in export of steel «Masha and Bear», «Belka and Strelka», «Smeshariki», «the snow Queen».

Among the problems of Russian animation experts call a small number of television platforms and low interest channels in animated content, which is reflected in low purchase price that does not cover even one-tenth of the budget spent on production. Multipliers are also concerned with the lack of staff and lack of a holistic educational system in the field of animation. In addition, the domestic animation is technologically based on foreign technical basis and 100% dependent on imported software.

Putin about the success of the industry

Opening the meeting, the President noted the success of the industry last time and achievements of Russian animation in General, stressing that it is an important part of the national cinema.

«We are meeting on the eve of International children’s day, but it is very good that animated films are devoted to not only the children, animation is a significant part of the Russian film industry, with great experience, great traditions, one of the oldest in the world, in 2017, we celebrate 105 years of Russian animation», — said Putin.

The President noted that he knows about the difficulties of the industry, which is not allowed. «However, the animation recaptures its place in cinema: here, in our country, and is increasingly insistent position in world cinema, as evidenced by various awards, victories, achievements», — said Putin.

To triple production

General producer of the group of companies «Riki» Ilya Popov said that the global market for animation products exceeds $ 250 billion per year, of which about 2.5 billion accounted for Russia. Thus, according to him, the domestic animation has not «reached the ceiling».

Popov said that the Russian animators want to increase the volume of production of the animation three times, and the industry is ready for this. According to him, «now the overall amount of animation is in the year about 800 million rubles, which is one-quarter of the cost of production in the United States the cartoon «Shrek».

He asked the President to provide «targeted financial support in the coming five years, which will require 1 billion roubles a year». Among other problems, the domestic animation Chapter of the Association of animated films called the support of exports, the development of animation education, tax support and development of technological base. Popov also emphasized the need for the soonest adoption of the law on the fight against piracy.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky reported that the draft law has been approved by various agencies, but is «no movement» in the state Duma. Putin instructed first Deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergei Kiriyenko to understand the reasons for the delay adoption of the law.

Popov stated that in the last six years in the domestic animation there have been many changes for the better. «We have something to boast about: cartoon «Masha and the Bear» became very popular on YouTube, one of the series «Masha plus porridge» has collected more than 2 billion views; the franchise «Heroes» became the most successful film project of the Russian animation. «Smeshariki» has become the most popular Russian series, has achieved great success in China,» he said.

Popov also said that if in 2011 the production volume was of the order of 3 thousand minutes, but now it has increased to 4 thousand 200 minutes per year, the number of studios has grown from 30 to 50 and the number of views on the Internet grew from 1 billion to 31 billion total hits of Russian animation.

«The qualitative leap we had in the field of exports in 2011 export of almost was not, in 2016, it exceeded 2.4 billion rubles, in terms of box office receipts have doubled», — said Popov.

Support will be

Commenting on the request of the multipliers on additional support, the President promised to allocate from its reserve Fund to 500 million roubles for the software industry.

«Almost all of your suggestions are implemented, I say very carefully, because here you need to consult with colleagues, including your wish to allocate additional funds for the software, keeping in mind our own Russian capabilities, high-tech,» — said the head of state at a meeting with representatives of Russian animation studios.

Putin noted that there is still more to determine exactly what amount will be allocated. «Up to 500 million rubles — I’ll do it from the reserve Fund of the President, I say to 500, because we need to understand the real numbers— 100, 150, 200, 300», — the President stressed.

The President also agreed with the proposals of the representatives of the entertainment companies on the facilitation of the tax burden. Animators advocated that their industry had been relegated the IT industry.

«I’ll talk to Finance, if they resist, shoot them about the movie» — with a smile the President promised.