Russian animators will discuss with Putin the system support industry

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Russian animators, to discuss problems and prospects of development of animation industry in Russia, reported the press service of the Kremlin.

According to the press service, among the invited — representatives of the leading animation studios «Soyuzmultfilm», «Mill», «Ricky», «Animecon», Wizart and «Kinoatis».

Animators are waiting for system support

As told RIA Novosti President of the Association of animated film Ilya Popov, the main purpose of the meeting will be a presentation to the President of Russian animators see the software support industry.

«Our main task is to ensure that this support was carried out systematically, only in this case it can have a positive effect», — Popov told RIA Novosti.

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that such support requires collaboration animation studios, public organizations and various departments at different levels.

«We need interagency cooperation, which would become effective with respect to the initiatives related to the development and support of export of Russian animation projects, the fight against counterfeiting. Well, one of the key points is, of course, the creation of the animation based on «Soyuzmultfilm», — said the President of the Association of animated film.

He recalled that the first meeting of the President with the animators took place six years ago, and now «there is a need to discuss the changes in the industry that happened.» The interlocutor of Agency has noted the great potential of the Russian animators who are also «interested in having such conversations happened more often.»

«Our main goal is to draw the attention of the head of state and all that the steps that have been taken by the state Association of animated film and all the major studios, has brought real benefits. We see real practical benefits from those initiatives that have been taken six years ago, their meaning, and definitely see the need to develop and expand these programs,» concluded Popov.

Current challenges of the industry

Large-scale meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with representatives of the entertainment industry took place in 2011, this in 2017 reminded of the famous Director-animator Leonid Shvartsman, author of «Shrek» and «the Golden antelope». Receiving the presidential award for his years of work, Schwarzman said what worried animators for a long time: he claimed a violation of the copyright of the creators of the film Studio «Soyuzmultfilm». The source in the Ministry of culture told RIA Novosti that the Studio needs to revise disadvantageous treaties, to return the rights to the famous Soviet cartoons their creators.

Later, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, the Day of Russian animation had a meeting with the famous animators of «Soyuzmultfilm» and the leadership of the Studio to announce the successful resolution of the problem with the author’s deductions. The issue of payment was decided in the shortest terms – national endowment of rights holders, with the assistance of the Russian Union of rights holders (RSP) has identified «Soyuzmultfilm» 9 million rubles to pay off debts in two years. Moreover, according to the Chairman of the Board of «Soyuzmultfilm» Juliana Slashhevoj, the user is working on the revision of the existing and conclusion of new licensing agreements for Golden collection of cartoons.

In addition, in the spring raised the issue of tax credits for the production of animated films. Last few years the Russian animators achieved these benefits and, finally, the Ministry of economy has prepared a bill that reduces industry amount of the insurance premiums from 30% to 14% by analogy with the IT-companies. In the benefits can rely on companies that sell entertainment content and financing of its production budget bring at least 70% of income. Then the Russian animators, in particular, the Oscar nominated Konstantin Bronzit, expressed the opinion that such changes will affect the industry positively, and producer Sergei Selyanov said that the law will be the driver of development in which the animation will do more to win a place on the Russian and international market.