Sergius metochion in Jerusalem will open after restoration on July 18

© RIA Novosti / Yana Gabdrakhmanovich compound in JerusalemSergius metochion in Jerusalem will open after restoration on July 18© RIA Novosti / Yana Gabdrakhmanova

Sergius metochion – Russian in a historical building in the center of Jerusalem – will be solemnly opened after restoration on July 18, said Wednesday the Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society (IOPS) Sergei Stepashin.

Sergievsky farmstead is one of the most valuable objects of Russian property in the Holy land. Two-storey stone building with a courtyard and a tower next to the Russian ecclesiastical mission and the Trinity Cathedral was built in the late XIX century and was used for the reception of pilgrims, including members of the Imperial family. After the revolution she was for decades Russia lost and returned to it by Israel only in 2008.

«The eighteenth of July, the day of St. Sergius of Radonezh, we open solemnly in Jerusalem Sergievsky farmstead. This will be a Russian area in the center of Jerusalem,» — said Stepashin at a briefing in MIA «Russia today».

According to him, the compound will today serve the same purpose as in the time of its creation in the nineteenth century.

«It will be a pilgrimage centre, there are halls for exhibitions, museums, stunning archive that has managed to maintain since the XIX century», — said Stepashin.

In November 2016 sergievskoe Podvorie visited Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who got acquainted with the restoration works that were there the last few years.