«Soyuzmultfilm» will open the Museum the best domestic cartoons

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae in photobacteria film in the pavilion of the film Studio Soyuzmultfilm. Archival photo«Soyuzmultfilm» will open the Museum the best domestic cartoons© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pescaprae the image Bank

Famous Russian film Studio «Soyuzmultfilm» plans to open the Museum, which will be presented the gold collection of Russian animation. The exhibition will be housed in a new building on Queen street, reported to journalists by the Chairman of the Board of FGUP «Creative-production Association «the film Studio «Soyuzmultfilm» Juliana Slaschova.

She, along with fellow representatives of the Russian animation studios took part in the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

«After 2011 «Soyuzmultfilm» began to help objectively. The Studio has received a new building, the keys of which today we got hands on today – symbolically, on the day of the meeting with the President and a day before International children’s day — we start moving,» — said Slaschova.

According to her, in the new building «will move all of the gold collection, our Museum with all the masterpieces of our great entertainment authors (Yuri) Norstein, (Edward) Nazarov, (Leonid) Shvartsman, all this will be open to the public». The previous building didn’t allow «Soyuzmultfilm» to do it because of the small size.

Building multipliers

Slaschova said that due to the subsidies of the Ministry of culture the new building will be equipped with «all necessary equipment for the work of the animators in all of the key animation techniques».

«We will have puppet animation, clay animation, is hand-drawn animation, which is called 2D, and modern equipment to work in 3D animation, including quite modern technology, when we take the animation of the moving people, and then put it into a computer animated,» she promised.

«Because we need only one third of this building, we leave with the offer on creation of animation industrial Park — a House of Russian animation based on «Soyuzmultfilm» to the free area could take medium and small Studio, which in Russia there are about 40″ — said the head of «Soyuzmultfilm».

She assured that «Soyuzmultfilm» will have other studios «technological, legal, financial support will provide production space in the new building.»

The success of Russian cartoons

The domestic success of «Smeshariki», «Masha and Bear», «Fixiki» the President of the Association of animation cinema of Russia Ilya Popov connects with their uniqueness.

«We’re not trying to repeat and copy foreign designs. For example, «Smeshariki» never flirted with the audience, shoot a series for children, but try to make it interesting for adults. Many meanings which are put in series, are General for the whole world», — said Popov, who is also the General producer of the Group of companies «Riki».

In his opinion, «in the series there are no negative hero and the struggle between good and evil, but there is a theme of interaction that has great appeal to people in different countries».

«Politics and animation — things are so different that no policy is not in any animation project. We aren’t exactly policy», — assured the managing Director of the Studio «Animecon» (creators of «Masha and the Bear») Dmitry Lovato.

He stated that «Masha and the Bear» — the project is completely private, not public, state-supported, and no policy in it can not be embedded». Lovato objected to accusations from some countries. «The author of the project Oleg Kuzovkov just made up a story of interaction between adult and child, just so expressed his idea through the characters of Russian folklore. We try to stay away from politics, just telling a story about an adult and a child, and this story, precisely because it’s so simple, it is clear to the world,» he said.

Supporting «their»

Some participants of the meeting with the President went today to the Kremlin in bright colours with images of cartoon characters. So, Popov was in a sweatshirt and sneakers with figures of the Turtle, the Hedgehog, Zovuni, Pina.

«On «Smeshariki» already grown a generation that started to watch the show 15 years ago. Develops and manufacture products not only for children but also for adults,» he explained.

«At all important meetings, I try to go in garments with cartoon characters «Soyuzmultfilm». I have a Gibus and a parrot Kesha, and will continue to be Carlson and Cheburashka» — said Slaschova. On her blouse today adorned with Winnie the Pooh.