The Cabinet allocated the health Ministry, more than 1 billion on the polio vaccine

© Fotolia / Konstantin YuganovУкол. Archival photoThe Cabinet allocated the health Ministry, more than 1 billion on the polio vaccine© Fotolia / Konstantin Yuganov

The Russian government has allocated the Ministry of health more than 1 billion roubles of budgetary appropriations for the purchase of vaccines for prevention of polio, the orders published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday.

«The Ministry of health of Russia from reserve Fund of the Government allocated funds in the amount of 1,192 billion for the purchase of inactivated polio vaccine under the national vaccination calendar», — stated in the certificate to the document.

It is noted that budget allocations are directed to the purchase of 1.11 million doses of inactivated vaccine to provide activities for the prevention of poliomyelitis through national vaccination calendar.

«It will conduct a three-time immunization of not less than 370 thousand children from risk groups. The decision is aimed at minimizing the risk of the potential threat of the spread of polio,» added the release.

Polio — spinal paralysis, an acute infectious disease caused by lesions of the gray matter of the spinal cord poliovirus and characterized mainly by disorders of the nervous system. Mostly, disease is asymptomatic, but sometimes it happens that the poliovirus enters the Central nervous system, leading to paralysis or even death of the patient. Polio refers to the number of untreatable infectious diseases. The virus mainly affects children under five years. For adults in most cases it is not dangerous.