The leading party of Italy came to an agreement on the electoral law

© Flickr / madcowkФлаг Italy. Archival photoThe leading party of Italy came to an agreement on the electoral law© Flickr / madcowk

All the major political forces of Italy, including the leading opposition party, agreed on a new electoral law, which in the coming weeks should be considered by the national Parliament, said the leader of the ruling Democratic party (DP), former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

«And it’s not a secret deal between (the leader of the center-right forces, former Premier Silvio) Berlusconi and Renzi. The democratic party decided to join the agreement, which concerns the party «Forward, Italy», «Movement 5 stars», the «Northern League», the left — all together,» said Renzi on Wednesday in the first issue of a new information program DP Ore Nove, which was broadcast via Facebook and Youtube.

Renzi said that ended late in the evening on Tuesday, the DP majority of votes it was decided to support in Parliament a bill that should introduce in Italy the electoral system similar to the current in Germany.

The elections to the German Bundestag applies a mixed system: half from total number of deputies elected in single-mandate constituencies under a majoritarian system, the other half in multi-member constituencies under the proportional system through party lists. Thus, in order to participate in the distribution of parliamentary mandates, parties must receive at least 5% of votes for party list in the whole country.

It is on the necessity of introducing such 5-percent barrier have focused Renzi, who stressed that this will help avoid fragmentation of political forces and will lead to the fact that in the Moldovan Parliament to have four, five parties. «This is a positive fact. I understand the discontent of small parties, but above all should be the interests of Italy,» — said the leader of the DP, which after winning the party primaries April 30, in fact, is a democratic candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

Renzi explained that, as a supporter of the majoritarian electoral system, he is not happy with the proposed legislation, however, in the current environment, only such a proposal could be approved by Parliament and will eventually serve as «institutional reconciliation».

During the meeting of the leadership of the PD, Renzi has called for a vote in Parliament on the draft new law on elections in the first week of July. This position was the basis for many local political analysts to assume that the early parliamentary elections in Italy can take place in September.

Earlier, the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, who under the Constitution has the right of dissolution of Parliament, have repeatedly stated that future parliamentary elections in the country must go in accordance with the new electoral laws.