The military of the TSBS put out a major forest fire in Transbaikalia

© RIA Novosti / Igor Alienability in fotobanken fire. Archival photoThe military of the TSBS put out a major forest fire in Transbaikalia© RIA Novosti / Igor Ajankohtaista the image Bank

Consolidated group of servicemen of the Eastern military district completely extinguished large forest fire in the Ingoda district of the Zabaikalsk region, the press service of BBO.

On Tuesday it was reported that the military was able to reduce the fire area of 200 hectares to 10 hectares.

«From the air fire fighting was carried out by two military transport aircraft Il-76 Russian Ministry of defense equipped vileplume aviation devices VAP-2», — stated in the message.

The military flew five times and dropped to 210 tons of water. The Mi-8 helicopters of army aviation of the County and UAV carried out aerial reconnaissance.

In fire extinguishing participated more than 350 people and 52 units of equipment of formations and military units of the Eastern military. Now all the military equipment and returned to places of permanent deployment. The Il-76 in the near future will be at the airport in Ulan-Ude in the standby mode.

Yesterday it was reported that the area of forest fires in the Transbaikal region per day increased from 1.2 thousand to 2.7 thousand hectares. According to regional authorities, the growth areas is associated with the increase in daily temperatures and strong winds, with settlements no threat.