The President of Moldova told about the visit to St. Petersburg

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The President of Moldova Igor Dodon said during his visit to St. Petersburg intends to hold a series of meetings with Russian leadership and businessmen from many countries.

Dodon is on an official visit to St.-Petersburg where will take part in the economic forum. His visit to the Northern capital of Russia, the Moldovan leader began with a midday shot from the cannon.

«According to old tradition since 1865 is a midday shot in Saint-Petersburg at exactly 12.00 PM every day. Had the honor today to produce it. For the first time on behalf of our Motherland – Moldova», — he wrote on his official page in Facebook.

Dodon noted that «June 1, here starts the XXI St. Petersburg international economic forum, which annually includes government officials, political scientists, economists, representatives of the business community from dozens of countries of the world.»

«Already scheduled a number of meetings with Russian leadership and the business elite of many countries. Second of June will speak at the plenary session of this forum. Also June 2, held a meeting with our Diaspora in the Nicholas Palace (Palace of labor), labor Square,» wrote Igor Dodon. The President of the Republic stressed that «Moldova is in dire need of foreign investment and in expanding economic partnerships with the East and the West».

Earlier, Igor Dodon said that during a trip to Russia expects to correct the error of the government in the decision to expel from Russia five Russian diplomats. He also noted that he hoped to discuss the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Embassy in Moldova received on Monday a note about the Declaration of five Russian diplomats persona non grata in the country. As stated by Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip, the decision is made on the basis of information received from intelligence agencies. The President of the Republic of Dodon has told RIA Novosti that condemns such actions of the Moldovan government. According to Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin that Russia considered these steps as a direct provocation of certain forces of Moldavia against the President of Dodona and adequately respond to the actions of Chisinau.