The son of drug Lord Escobar called for an end to the war on drugs

© AP Photo / Fernando VergaraСын the famous Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar. Archival photoThe son of drug Lord Escobar called for an end to the war on drugs© AP Photo / Fernando Vergara

Son of the famous Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar has urged countries to stop the war on drugs and move towards a regulation of this illegal multi-billion dollar market.

Pablo Escobar is the most famous drug dealer in history — in the 1980s, he earned about $ 30 billion, supplying through his Medellín cartel almost 80% of the cocaine consumed in the United States. A drug dealer was killed in 1993 in a special operation of an elite unit of the Colombian police, and Medellín cartel ceased to exist.

«This tale is to declare war on the public health problem and to go at it with machine guns, I think, is in conflict with human values. I no longer believe in regulation and that the state has assumed responsibility and control over these substances,» said Sebastian Marroquin at a specially organized seminar by the authorities in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Marroquin, whose real name is Pablo Escobar, Ainhoa, told the assembled audience about the atmosphere of violence that surrounded his famous father, said portal Universal.

«I’d trade all the luxury and wealth on the hearth and the opportunity to be with father,» said the son of a drug Lord. According to him, Escobar is a senior earning about 50-70 million dollars on drugs, but to enjoy the opportunities that were given such amounts, simply could not.