The Tambov has spent more than 99 billion roubles to support government programs

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Justinoperable in fotobounce TambovThe Tambov has spent more than 99 billion roubles to support government programs© RIA Novosti / Alexander Justinoperable the image Bank

. Tambov oblast spent in 2016 on the implementation of the 23 state programs over 99 billion rubles, said the Governor’s planning meeting the head of Department of economic policy of administration of the region Sergey Whatev.

«The state program was carried out in the field on three pillars — a new quality of life and demographic development, innovative development and modernization of the economy, effective public administration and civil society. The amount of funds allocated for implementation of state programs of the region at the expense of all sources of financing counting on one inhabitant of area was more than 95 thousand roubles. On 1 ruble of own funds of the regional budget of 1.8 rubles attracted from other sources», — quotes the press service of the regional administration of the word Whateva.

He said that the growth of attracted funds in the implementation of such state programs as «educational Development, «the Development of culture and tourism», «security», «Development of agriculture and regulation of markets of agricultural products, raw materials and food, Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness.»

Governor of Tambov region Alexander Nikitin welcomed the effective implementation of government programs in 2016. «To relax in any case impossible.

It is necessary to maximally use the resource base and actively participate in state programs 2017. Conditions for co-financing in the region is now favorable. We have to work on it systematically and consistently and not to lose the momentum,» — said Nikitin.

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