Tobacco companies may be required to specify the composition of products

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In the framework of the EEU developed regulations requiring tobacco companies to specify the composition of tobacco products on the package, said Deputy health Minister Dmitry Kostennikov.

«The work is underway, but it is at the level of the five countries included in the Eurasian economic Union. Now, all technical regulations, we are on the same level of legal regulation. Currently we are working on solution of this problem to tobacco companies have reported the composition of their products, including not only the tobacco but the paper that is used, filters and so on. Of course, this information is in the required limits will be placed on the packs,» said Kostennikov at a press conference.

He noted that developing the system for tracking tobacco products.

«We have now developed a system for tracking tobacco products from the point of manufacture to the moment of its receipt in the hands of a specific consumer… For the introduction of such growth, we are now responsible to the Ministry of Finance», — added the Deputy Minister.