Two inhabitants of Blagoveshchensk has sentenced a song calling for killing policemen

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoTwo inhabitants of Blagoveshchensk has sentenced a song calling for killing policemen© Fotolia / sebra

Annunciation city court fined 110 thousand rubles and 40 thousand rubles two local residents who sang a song of his own composition with a call to murder police officers, the press service of the court.

Not previously convicted residents of Blagoveshchensk, one of which at the time of the crime was a minor, convicted under part 1 of article 280 of the criminal code — public call to extremist activities.

The song «Destroy Polizei» men were executed in April last year on the band in the garage, the text was composed by one of them. As an audience one of the men invited their friends.

«Acting intentionally, sickened by the police, agreed to perform the song, composed by V. D. Macnevin in which at least eight times used the expression «Kill m…» for criminal violence — destruction by killing police officers,» — said the press service of the court.

The court came to the conclusion that the residents of Blagoveshchensk sang the song due to negative attitudes towards the police, which was formed due to the fact that early men were attracted to administrative responsibility. The convicts pleaded guilty.

It is also reported that the convicted has a record for possession of extremist materials, including one of them during criminal proceedings. The court sentenced the man who wrote and performed the song to a fine of 110 thousand rubles, and the second by the fine of 40 thousand rubles.