Vucic has received the seal and flag of President of Serbia

© REUTERS / Marko DjuricaИзбранный the President of Serbia Aleksandar VucicVucic has received the seal and flag of President of Serbia© REUTERS / Marko Djurica

The former President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic handed over solemnly brought into the environment of the oath ex-Premier Alexander Vucic the stamp and standard of the head of Republic, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

In the afternoon, after the ceremony of taking the oath in the hall of the national Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia and the first President Vucic address to the nation, Nikolic congratulated his successor, embraced him and kissed three times on the cheek at the Serbian tradition. Then Vucic, accompanied by representatives of a management of Republic and citizens on foot from the Parliament to located near the residence of the President «Andricev venac». Before the building of the new President receives a report from the chief of the General staff of Lubisi Dikovich and conducted a brief review of the built soldiers of infantry units, the air force, air defense forces and river flotilla.

In the hall of residence «Andricev venac» the former head of state, handed his successor the first presidential standard, and then print. Thus, the symbolic transfer of authority between Nikolic and Survived was completed. After the former and new head of Serbia withdrew for conversation behind closed doors.

A ceremonial inauguration is scheduled for June 20. Prior to this date must be approved by the new government and the Prime Minister. The day of the inauguration of the new President is the day the oath of office.

Aleksandar Vucic, according to the final results of presidential elections in Serbia, held on 2 April, received the support of 55,08% of voters citizens of the Republic. The term of office of the current President Tomislav Nikolic has expired on may 31. The mandate of the head of state in Serbia lasts for five years.