Dragon spacecraft will be sent with cargo to the ISS

© Photo : Twitter/Thomas PesquetКосмический Dragon truck. Archive photoDragon spacecraft will be sent with cargo to the ISS© Photo : Twitter/Thomas Pesquet

Private company SpaceX will carry out on Thursday the launch of the cargo spacecraft Dragon to the International space station (ISS), the device is already partially happened on the orbital station, again, take about three tons of cargo.

The launch vehicle Falcon 9, which will be put into orbit cargo ship, scheduled for 17:55 at East coast time USA (00:55 GMT June 2) from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (FL).

«The first time SpaceX reuses a sealed compartment of Dragon spacecraft» — said on the eve of launching the portal Space Flight Now. It is known that the design of the capsule, the cargo ship participated in the mission to the space station in September 2014 until splashdown in the Pacific ocean was in orbit for 34 days. For re-flight was replaced by a burning upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere rear cargo compartment of the spacecraft.

Dragon will deliver to orbit, about three tons of cargo: food, basic necessities and materials for scientific experiments. Among them – a NASA experiment to study rapidly rotating neutron stars, party mice to explore the possibilities of combating the loss of bone tissue and osteoporosis, the latest experimental solar battery, and also the equipment for conducting Earth observations.

By calculations of experts, the cargo ship will arrive at the ISS on June 4 and will remain in orbit until July 2, then return cargo to the Earth.

During the upcoming launch, SpaceX plans to land the first stage booster of the Falcon 9 to the launch site for subsequent use.

SpaceX delivers cargo to the ISS under contract with NASA since 2012, the upcoming mission will be the eleventh contract cargo flight of the Dragon.