Atheists get married for the first time in the UK

© Fotolia / Marco TiberioБракосочетаниеAtheists get married for the first time in the UK© Fotolia / Marco Tiberio

Football club «Leeds United» Eunan O Kane and model Laura Lacole made in the court of the right to marry them, despite the fact that the couple consider themselves secular humanists, reports The Guardian today.

«We are glad, that we won our case. This means that in two weeks we will be able to legally get married in a way that fits our worldview,» shared Locale.

The decision was made by the High court in Belfast (Northern Ireland). The fact that the laws of England, Northern Ireland and Wales still does not recognize non-religious wedding without a civil procedure, in essence, duplicating the ceremony. O Kane and Lacole felt that this procedure is contrary to European laws and is discriminatory.

Now the couple can choose the marriage ceremony: religious (despite the fact that secular humanism does not provide for the existence of God) or civil. The bride and groom are convinced that his actions will inspire «thousands of pairs».

«We want our wedding to reflect our beliefs,» added Lacole.

The newspaper notes the growing popularity of weddings among secular humanists in Scotland, where they were allowed to hold in 2005. Over the past ten years similarly the conjugal Union has concluded more than 4,300 people.