Catholics disappointed in Poroshenko and ready to «take the knife»

© AFP 2017 / Alessandro Vapsup Roman FrancisCatholics disappointed in Poroshenko and ready to «take the knife»© AFP 2017 / Alessandro Wapste of Skripunov

In the Ukrainian Church and political discord joined the Catholics. The nationalists were threatened with expulsion from the country the actual head of the Ukrainian Catholic Archbishop-Metropolitan of Lviv Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki. In an interview with the Polish weekly newspaper Niedziela demanded that the Ukrainians to apologize for the events of 1943-1945 years. In Ukraine they are called «Volyn massacre», but Western neighbor said, not a massacre, a «genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the inhabitants of the II Polish Republic».

In recent times dissatisfaction with the situation in Ukraine on the part of the Catholic clergy is heard more often. That outraged believers, and why they are preparing for a real massacre in the material RIA Novosti.

«You give me more of Sevastopol answer!»

The phrase of the hero of Victor Sukhorukov from the movie «Brother 2» was quoted by all and Sundry — in light of the events of the Crimean spring. But Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki gave her another sense, deeply religious. He said that the Crimea and Donbass were due to the fact that Ukrainians are not brought to repentance for Volyn and apologized to the poles.

«I am convinced that as long as this country does not recognize his guilt (genocide of poles — ed.) … she won’t be able to enjoy prosperity,» — averae the priest.

Because of these words of the Bishop when he fought the Ukrainian Galician party (UGP), operating just in Western regions of the country, where the main part of the 1.5-million-strong flock of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine. «If a clergyman allows himself under the guise of moral teachings to make political statements, it thereby loses immunity to criticism, since becoming a politician. If a politician living in a foreign country, making hostile statements towards her and the suffering of its people, it can rightfully become persona non grata in this country,» — concludes the FPS.

Of course, the nationalists in their inherent spirit began to demand not only the extradition of Catholic, but «proper theological assessment,» the words of Mokrzycki from the Church leadership. But much more important words, in fact, reflecting the mood of the Ukrainian Catholic community, they ignored.

«The whole community depends on the war, not only in material and economic terms, but also in the spiritual. Many young people from Western Ukraine go to the front and very often, unfortunately, where their life ends. And we, full of pain, burying them. Many people come back maimed physically and mentally. Destroyed many churches, houses and apartments. In my opinion, Ukraine needs a reflection and response to the question of why this is happening,» says the Archbishop.
«Take the Orthodox temple»

Catholics tired of the war in the Donbass, but also from the antics of Ukrainian politicians. Members of Parliament put on the ears of the whole world bills No. 4511 and # 4128. The first forces of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) fully coordinate their activities with the authorities, the second legalizes the right of members to change the jurisdiction of its communities.

That day, 18 may, when these documents had to vote, it became known that the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Holy see called on the carpet and «expressed concern before the bills.» Translating from the language of diplomacy, the Vatican is not pleased, he rarely gives to anyone of claims at this level.

Should not deceive ourselves: the gesture of the Vatican not only motivated by concern for fellow Christians of the UOC-MP, although it fits well in the announced by Pope Francis a policy of rapprochement with the heterodox churches. The city of St. Petersburg fears for its parishes in Ukraine.

«Imagine a small Church of the Catholics in the East of Ukraine. Imagine that we in the parish will begin to walk, there are many Orthodox, and then they decide that the ceremony does not suit them, perepoloshit, and then what? The property of the Roman Catholic Church under the law must be to move away the Orthodox. It will be very unfair, as a small community or parish will be forced to leave,» a picture paints a Catholic Bishop of Kharkiv-Zaporizhia diocese, Jan Sobilo. That is, if bill No. 4128 passed (his review yet pending), the Catholics in Lviv region will lose 300 temples.

«Could start a religious war. Christians go at each other with knives!» — fears Bishop Jan Sobilo.

Unmanaged sheep

The Vatican split the Ukrainian territory with the Uniates, performing the divine services in the Orthodox rite, are subject to the Pope only formally. In fact, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) had been on nationalist positions. Moreover, in the early 90’s she competed with the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC), created in 30-e years, with the support of the NKVD, with the aim to pit believers with each other. The confrontation with the UAOC, the UGCC sometimes came then to the mutual capture of churches.

After the Euromaidan, it became clear that this fight won of the UGCC. She is very actively began to support the new government. The congregation of the Uniates is 4.5 million Ukrainians with 42,4 million population of the country (state statistics service of Ukraine on April 1, 2017).

The leader of the UGCC Archbishop Svyatoslav Shevchuk does not hesitate to criticize the Vatican. For example, he condemned Pope Francis for a meeting with Patriarch Kirill. He constantly attacks the faithful of the UOC-MP.

In addition, the UGCC actively supports the so-called «anti-terrorist operation» in the South-East of Ukraine. And this happens against the background of the humanitarian projects of the Vatican, under which targeted assistance received 200 thousand residents of Donbass. In addition, in December last year, the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic was visited by the Ambassador of the Vatican Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, who promised that the Pope Francis will definitely find time to come to this region.

Unmanaged UGCC is not a huge problem dad just because the Ukrainian agenda it generally not particularly interested.

«I guess dad will try to distance themselves from everything connected with Ukraine. I have the impression that he stands for peace, but trying to speak so that no one took his support one way or the other,» — says the Church historian Vladislav parsley.

Independence severed
«These contradictions are not so much connected with some Church time, much to the opposition of the poles and the Catholics in the Western Ukraine. Of course, Mokrzycki, being an ethnic pole and a Polish citizen, reflects the mood of the Polish people, and that, in General, is broke — not entirely diplomatic. But it is obvious that the events taking place in Ukraine, they are already Roman Catholic hierarchy was brought to the boiling point,» he adds.

At the same time, the question of the fate of the Catholic flock in Ukraine remains open. Ardent desire of the unionists to show their commitment to the national ideals, acting in contradiction with the longstanding desire of the Vatican to be a global mediator, sooner or later can lead to the question of the final «square» of the UGCC from the Pontiff. Now one thing is unclear — what do the churches with his unruly flock.

Last year, Kyiv hosted the conference with the notable title, «God on the Maidan.» She spent the UGCC.

«Maidan was a place where religious people realized that together they can do more than individually. Therefore, an important question arises, how far are Christians willing to undertake the transformation of society to eradicate everything that is the baggage of the post-Soviet era, in order to create a new Ukraine», — said the deacon Romanus Saviski.

But now more and more religious figures of Ukraine are beginning to realize that believers in the present situation will take not for changing society. They are, first and foremost, undertake «for the knives».