«For the sake of gender equality»: the program of Olympic games of 2020 changed in 15 sports

© AFP 2017 / Behrouz Megurine raising the flags of the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2020 in Tokyo. Archival photo«For the sake of gender equality»: the program of Olympic games of 2020 changed in 15 sports© 2017 AFP / Behrouz Mehri

An extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was held on Friday in Lausanne. Following the meeting, changed the Olympic program in fifteen sports, resulting in the Games-2020 in Tokyo will serve the greatest number of women in Olympic history, also doubled – from 9 to 18 increased the number of competitions in the mixed doubles.

Basketball 3X3

Competition basketball 3×3 will make their debut in the Olympic program in 2020. As in the case of «traditional» basketball, the sets of medals are played among men and women.

In 3×3 basketball, each team consists of three main players and one reserve. The match lasts for 10 minutes or until the moment when one of the teams score 21 points. Games are held on a special court with one basket. The sport has gained popularity in recent years, the world Championships 3×3 basketball held in 2012.

«Actively, professionally and right we deal with women’s 3×3 basketball 2014, when Moscow hosted the world Cup. Our team took medals at the world Championships, two European Championships, won the inaugural European games in Baku. No medals in the competitions we do not go away, so, of course, the chances of gold in Tokyo, we high,» — said the Agency «R — Sport» General Manager of the female national team on basketball 3×3 Igor sh.

In the program of Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo included competitions in rowing women’s wing bessonnyh fours. New women’s discipline in the IGR-2020 program was replaced respectively the competition among the male bessonnyh fours in the lightweight division. So now in the program of the Olympic games will be seven men’s and women’s disciplines in rowing.

«This is done for gender equality», — said the Agency «R-Sport» the decision of the IOC Executive Board President of the rowing Federation of Russia Alexey Svirin.

More mixed doubles

In the Olympics in Tokyo included mixed relay triathlon, table tennis in 2020 will be awarded a set of medals in the mixed doubles.

The expansion program touched archery, where in Tokyo will also be a mixed competition. Earlier in archery at the Olympics was played only four sets of medals: in the men’s and women’s team and individual competitions. Thus since the 2011 mixed doubles is included in the program of the world Championships.

«For us it is paramount decision, this will be the fifth set of medals played at the Olympics — said the President of the Russian Federation of archery Vladimir Esheev. — This decision is consistent with the gender politics of the IOC, because the tournament will involve both women and men. In many sports there are already mixed views. I believe that the competition in the mixed doubles is a very interesting discipline. In any country there is at least one talented athlete, male and female».

The changes have been in judo competitions, where the Games in Tokyo will be mixed team competitions.

Cycling: added «Russian» discipline

Men and women of Madison are included in the Olympic programme in Tokyo in track Cycling. In the competitions in Cycling-BMX discipline added to BMX freestyle.

«We welcome the decision to increase the number of sets of medals in our sport, because it’s a chance to cultivate Cycling. And, importantly, that the medals attached to disciplines that are available for conquest of the Russian riders» — said the President of Federation of Bicycle sports of Russia Vyacheslav Ekimov the Agency «R-Sport».

In athletics will be awarded an additional medal in the category «combined relay race 4 on 400 metres», added swimming three sets of: 800 meters men 1500 meters women’s and mixed combined relay race 4×100 meters. In fencing competitions by the decision of the IOC Executive Board added team foil women team sabre men.

Women’s sets instead of male

Competitions in slalom women’s canoe singles instead of the men’s canoe double are included in the program of summer Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo. Also, the IOC adjusted the program of the men’s tournament in weightlifting at the Olympics-2020, eliminating one weight class for the sake of gender equality.

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) increased the number of weight categories in Boxing in the program of Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo among women with three to five, reducing the number of men’s categories from ten to eight.

The IOC also approved the proposal of the International shooting sport Federation (ISSF) to replace at the summer Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo, three men discipline 50 m rifle prone, 50 m pistol, double trap, three mixed team discipline (10 m rifle 10 m pistol and ladder).

In parallel with the introduction in Olympic program of new disciplines in 15 sports total quantity of allowances for athletes for the Olympic games 2020 in comparison to the Games in 2016 decreased by 285. Most of the changes will affect quotas in athletics — their total number is reduced to 105. 40 quotas (compared to the Rio 2016) will decrease the total number of aquatic species. In weightlifting, the number of quota for the Games in 2020 will be reduced to 64, and in the anti — 56.

The history of the question

In December 2014, the IOC members in the 127-th session of the organization approved the recommendation on strengthening gender equality. It spoke of the need to achieve a 50 percent women’s participation in the Olympic games and the games with mixed teams in the future.

In March 2017, the IOC Executive Board meeting in South Korea’s Pyeongchang has approved the project for gender equality in the Olympic movement. The project on gender equality is a joint initiative of the IOC «Women in sports» and the athletes ‘ Commission and aims to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality in the Olympic movement, sharing best practices and presenting initiatives to further promote gender equality.

The summer Olympic games in Tokyo will be held from 24 July to 9 August 2020.