In France overturned the ban on demonstrations imposed under emergency mode

© AP Photo / Matthieu AlexandreФранцузская police near the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. 6 June 2017In France overturned the ban on demonstrations imposed under emergency mode© AP Photo / Matthieu Alexandre

The constitutional Council of France repealed the ban on public gatherings, introduced earlier in the framework of the current national state of emergency.

According to the statement, 29 March 2017 prefects were empowered «to prohibit the Assembly in the region or in its separate parts, which may interfere with the actions of the authorities». The constitutional Council has considered that these powers «do not provide the combination of, on the one hand, required by the Constitution, public order, and on the other hand, freedom of movement».

Earlier, the international human rights organization Amnesty International said that the measures taken by France in the context of emergency caused psychological trauma to hundreds of people, their right to privacy and freedom of expression neglected in the name of security.

In turn, Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe emphasized that the emergency mode will operate in the country forever. «The threat level we face, is incredibly high. It is necessary to guarantee the safety of the French. The President has set two goals: to improve coordination of intelligence and… to ensure the safety of the French after the abolition of the emergency modes. We can’t constantly live under a state of emergency,» said Philip, the radio station Europe 1.

In mid-December, the French Parliament approved the extension of state of emergency in the country until July 2017 due to the continued threat of terrorist attacks. Emergency mode was introduced in France by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the proposal of President Francois Hollande after the terrorist attacks 13 November 2015.