In Tula region, four people were killed in the collision of three buses

© Fotolia / rosastoСпециальный signal on the roof of a police car. Archival photoIn Tula region, four people were killed in the collision of three buses© Fotolia / rosasto

In the Tula region a passenger bus crashed into two custom-made van, four people were killed and five were injured, told RIA Novosti head of the press service of the interior Ministry of the region Andrey Yartsev.

The accident occurred at about 3.10 MSK on 135-th kilometer of highway M-2 «Crimea» in Zaoksky district.

According to Yartsev, custom vans stood on the roadside on the way to Moscow and crashed into a passenger bus, carrying out regular route to the capital from the eagle.

«The minibus that was hit flew into the ditch. Among the victims were four women, the victims — a man and four women», — said Yartsev.

In the bus there were 16 passengers and two drivers. In the minibus, which was hit — 10 passengers and the driver. «The driver and the passenger sitting in the front seat, was not injured,» — said the head of PRSs. In the second minibus was carrying five passengers and the driver.

The wounded were taken to the hospital, according to preliminary information, the threats to their life there. The causes of the accident are being investigated.