JPMorgan to admit that Britain will have to delay the process Brexit

© AP Photo / Mark LennihanШтаб-house financial company JPMorgan Chase in new York, USA. Archival photoJPMorgan to admit that Britain will have to delay the process Brexit© AP Photo / Mark Lennihan

The British authorities may have to delay the process of withdrawal from the EU (Brexit), say analysts at JPMorgan.

Its forecast experts explain the fact that the Conservative party of Prime Minister Theresa may could not gain an absolute majority in parliamentary elections.

«The likelihood that the UK will need to delay the process Brexit has increased considerably, given that political developments in the UK are rip compressed in time process», — quotes Reuters the words of a JPMorgan economist Malcolm Barr (Malcolm Barr).

An extraordinary General election to the British Parliament was held on the initiative of the conservative government after Prime Minister Theresa may decided that for the forthcoming negotiations with Brussels on the question of a British exit from the EU requires unity of political London.

Currently, it is estimated results in 647 out of 650 districts. The conservatives have received 316 mandates, labour — 261, liberal Democrats 12, Scottish national party — 35, other parties — 23. None of the parties is not gaining the 326 votes needed for self-formation of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to projections, the conservatives will not win an absolute majority in the parliamentary elections. It is expected that they will go from 315 to 321 seats, which means the emergence of a «hung» Parliament when neither of the major political parties receives more than half the seats.