Kosachev told what impact the possible departure of may in the negotiations on Brexit

© REUTERS / TOBY MELVILLEТереза may pending the outcome of parliamentary elections, 9 June,Kosachev told what impact the possible departure of may in the negotiations on Brexit© REUTERS / TOBY MELVILLE

With the possible departure of British Prime Minister Theresa may from his post Brexit negotiations can «get bogged down in the details,» and during that time to prove to voters the disadvantage of leaving the EU entirely possible, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

«It seems that British Prime Minister Theresa may stepped on «rake Cameron»: he once turned a referendum on withdrawal from the EU in a kind of vote of confidence to his Cabinet, and miscalculated,» the Senator wrote on Friday on his page on Facebook.

«Now may its decision to hold early elections seem to have played against themselves conservatives, apparently, have already lost the parliamentary majority,» the MP added.

Kosachev recalled in this connection the statement of the famous English football player Gary Lineker, who said: «Theresa may has scored the best own goal this season». According to the MP, calls for the head of government to resign on the background of «quite expected».

According to him, is less predictable what will happen next. «Without a doubt, the election results will affect the course of negotiating the British exit from the EU. However, even in the case of leaving Mae with a higher position, it is unlikely successors will dare openly to sabotage the will of the (albeit modest) British majority, were in favor of independence», — said the Senator.

«But «roll up» negotiations with Brussels to get caught up in the details and it is time to prove to voters unfavorable «brekzita» quite possible», — said Kosachev.

May will make a statement at 10.00 (12.00 GMT) following the elections, culminating in a very unfortunate way for the ruling Conservative party, which she chaired.

According to 09.30 GMT, the number of seats from the Conservative party amounted to 314, the labour – 261, in the third place of the Scottish national party with 35 seats. The liberal democratic party won 12 seats, the Democratic unionist party won 10 seats, the independence Party is the right party — has not received any.

Voices on several sites not yet calculated, but the overall balance seriously can no longer change.