Mei said that already started to form a government

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity in photobacteria Minister Theresa may speaks at the official residence at Downing street in London. 9 Jun 2017Mei said that already started to form a government© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

Prime Minister Theresa may said that has been engaged in the formation of the government, and at the moment this is her priority.

Of the British conservative party under the leadership of Mei on the results of the parliamentary elections did not have enough votes to form a majority government. Mei told about plans of cooperation with the DUP, however, did not specify in what form it will take place. Earlier it was reported that a formal coalition between the Northern Irish Democratic unionist party and the conservatives will not, however, the DUP is committed to maintaining the Tory government — in the case that everyone will agree.

«Now in the national interest it is important to gather the government, given the forthcoming negotiations on the Brexit… I am Now in the formation of the government, which will soon be formed, and it is for me now the main thing,» said may in an interview with Sky News.

She reiterated that the negotiations on the conditions of exit of Britain from the EU will begin, as planned, on June 19.

«We are the only party in position to form a government», — said the Prime Minister.

On the question of whether it will turn so wanting to strengthen the position of the party through the election in anticipation of Brexit, she weakened these positions, Mei said that now the main thing – to form a government.

She also evaded a direct answer to the question whether she believes that she will be able to survive as Prime Minister for the next five years, stating that it currently has other priorities.

«Of course, I wanted a different result. I’m sorry lovely parliamentarians who lost their seats and not deserving of this,» said the Premier.