Patriarch Kirill consecrated the source of the river of Volga and «blessed Russia»

© Photo : photo provided by priest Alexander Volkovintser of Moscow and all Russia Kirill consecrates the source of the Volga riverPatriarch Kirill consecrated the source of the river of Volga and «blessed Russia»© Photo : photo provided by priest Alexander Volkov

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on Friday dedicated the source of the Volga river and made a festive divine service in the Nilo-Stolobenskaya desert; the Church’s celebrations in Tver region carried out in connection with the 350th anniversary of the uncovering of the relics of Reverend nil Stolobensky.

«We stand at the origins of the great Russian river Volga. The grace of God joined to the nature of water is sanctified by the God of nature will take place across Russia. And may the Lord touch all who swims, who lives on the banks of the river who works, earns his daily bread from it. God bless Russia!» — said the Patriarch during a ceremonial rite.

In turn, the press Secretary of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, priest Alexander Volkov, commenting on the event, noted that «everything has a beginning and that beginning lies often some almost mystical sense.» «So today, the Patriarch consecrated the beginning, the source of the Volga. Like the river flowing, nothing special, but something inexplicably felt great,» Volkov wrote on his page in Facebook.

Before that, the Patriarch celebrated the divine Liturgy and festive prayer service in the Epiphany Cathedral in Nilo-Stolobenskaya desert. Before the revolution the monastery was one of the most popular among Russian pilgrims, along with the Diveevo Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. The monastery was founded in 1594 on Stolobny island in lake Seliger, where the nil Stolobensky spent 27 years in prayer and solitude.

«The name of the Holy ascetic of the Nile Stolobensky carefully preserved not only in Tver region, but also throughout the Orthodox Church. We called the hermits of people in my life move towards the true purpose of being, toward God. That person was Neil Stolobensky,» said the Patriarch, addressing the audience.

At the end of the prayer he granted the monastery the icon of St. Nicholas Mozhaiskogo life, Metropolitan of Tver and Kashin Victor — Holy Panagia (a small image of the virgin, the sign of the Episcopal dignity), the Governor Igor Rudeni — the icon of the Holy virgin.

Turning to Rudene, the Patriarch thanked him for his stance, which, according to him, is in full compliance with confronting the country and the regions the task, and noted that «we need to grow stronger: this is the power of the spirit, our national identity, strength of faith and well-being of the people.»

In turn, the Governor presented the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church the icon with the relics of the Holy Neil Stolobensky and thanked him for his ongoing work to strengthen Orthodoxy and the revival of spiritual and moral values. «In the land of Tver today, the secular and spiritual power are United in matters of development and strengthening of spiritual traditions of the region,» said Rodina.